Instana support migrates to the IBM Support Site on April 15

Dear Customers, Instana Support has migrated to the new IBM Support Site.

As part of the integration of Instana into the IBM organization, customers will access Instana support online through the IBM Support Site. Once the transition takes place you can no longer access the existing Instana support portal (Zendesk) or send a request to Instana Support via email.
Information on the process to open, update, and manage support cases can be found here. Cases can be opened from the IBM Support Site or by Phone. To open a case by phone, go to the IBM Directory of worldwide contacts, click your country and use the phone number listed in the Technical Support section on the page. If you are unable to open a case from the IBM Support Site, use the Get Help tile on the bottom right to report a problem submitting a case or registering for support. Information on the process to escalate a case can be found here. Customers can subscribe to product notifications by using the functionality provided in the ‘My Notifications’ tool.

We will continue to work on your open requests on IBM Support Site.

You can read more about the transition here: Instana support migrates to the IBM Support Site on April 15!