How to increase Agent Heap Memory using Memory Calculator

To achieve that, you should:

  • create a folder: /etc/systemd/system/instana-agent.service.d
  • inside instana-agent.service.d directory  create a file memory.conf
  • add this:

Note: This way, INSTANA_USE_MEMORY_CALCULATOR will calculate automatically how much heap memory to set. Set AGENT_MAX_MEM value depending on your host memory.

  • reload the daemon:
    systemctl daemon-reload 
  • then restart the agent:
    systemctl restart instana-agent.service
  • check if AGENT_MAX_MEM is recognized:

systemctl status instana-agent.service -l


If this is installation without systemd, it means that the memory calculator is not enabled, so adjusting the JAVA_OPTS=-xmx parameter approach should be used. It can be achieved by editing the /opt/instana/agent/bin/setenv file.

Environment variable: JAVA_OPTS
Value: String, space-separated JVM arguments
Description: Additional Java Virtual Machine configurations you may want to pass to the startup of the host agent. For example, you may use -Xms<value> and -Xmx<value> to set the minimum and maximum amount of heap available to the agent, respectively.



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