How to change License Admin?

This article describes how to change License Admin in case the current admin has left the company, so someone else should take the place, for example, or there is just a need to change it no matter of the reason.

This change should be done in the Business Portal.

Example account:

The first approach:
If there are other contacts on the account and on the product, then at the bottom of the page someone else could be selected as License Admin and the TOS email should be re-sent.

The second approach:
The TOS email should be sent to the rep who owns the opportunity as well. That person should therefore have the email and be able to forward that to the correct user.

Note: If it is just the beginning of a POC, the suggestion is to expire the license setting up the end date to YESTERDAY or TODAY, and create a new one that starts right away and send it to the correct user. 

More info:

Also, it can be asked on the Slack channel to be done: #biz-operations-support

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