MongoDB Atlas

Instana agent supports remote monitoring of MongoDB Atlas clusters residing in different projects and organizations. 

The customer had a problem during the configuration of MongoDB Atlas remotely, although the configuration file was as it is expected, they were not able to monitor MongoDB Atlas properly. 

In logs there were no errors, just: 

2021-11-09T13:33:01.025+0000 | INFO | a-config-service | PluginConfigurationFilesImpl | 51 - com.instana.agent - 1.1.616 | Parsed configuration file /opt/instana/agent/etc/instana/configuration.yaml
2021-11-09T13:33:01.041+0000 | DEBUG | heduler-thread-2 | PluginConfigurationPipelineImpl | 51 - com.instana.agent - 1.1.616 | Parsed configuration: {"com.instana.plugin.mongodb":{"password":"ioY**************","atlas":[{"privateKey":"90807b6e-899b-42f4-b89c-0cd5cd9dd037","publicKey":"mrzgrntg"}],"source":"admin","user":"admin"}}

Suggested to run:

curl -v -i -u "PUBLIC_KEY:PRIVATE_KEY" \
--digest ""

to get the output of the curl command in order to see what can be the issue.
GROUP_ID is the project id (visible in the URL once you open a project in Atlas)
and to use 27017 port.


After running the command it was obvious that it was a permissions problem.

"detail" : "User cannot access this group.",
"error" : 401,
"parameters" : [ ],
"reason" : "Unauthorized"
* Connection #0 to host left intact

Having granted "Organization Read Only" as per the docs the curl command now works.

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