Air-gapped transfer files on a Target Host (steps)

From our side (downloading files and uploading to the clients SFTP server):

Pre-requisite: Install the Docker.

  1. Download the instana-console version that customer need:
    • yum install --downloadonly --downloaddir=. instana-console-xxx
  2. Export docker images (Note: Install instana-console-xxx, same vesion as the one from the first step, on your machine):
    • instana images export -k {on_prem_agent_key}
  3. Connect to the SFTP server:
    • sftp -i {private_key} {host_name}@{ip_address}
    • cd /uploads
  4. Transfer the files into uploads folder on SFTP server:
    • put instana-console-xxx.rpm
    • put export-xxx.tar

From customer's side (downloading the files from the SFTP server):

  1. sftp -i {private_key} {host_name}@{ip_address}
  2. get -r uploads
  3. rm {files}// Total space on the server is limited so you have to remove files after you download it
  4. exit
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