Update to 195 version failing for Ubuntu 16.04

Some customers may experience an issue if they try to update their on-prem to the latest version.

This issue described is only related if the Customer has an Ubuntu 16.04.


The behavior of issue:

- all containers were in healthy status

- suddenly all containers change the status from healthy to unhealthy

- error that customer got: "component butler is unavailable"

It is very important to made checks for:

- docker version

- ubuntu version

- ask the customer if they made an ubuntu update


Make sure that docker and docker-ce are on the same version.
This is not the correct combination. If this is the case, make sure that the customer downgrades the docker version.

To confirm the errors, check the docker logs: journactl -u docker tail -f

You should see errors like in the below screenshot:



Here is the working combination:




Here is the wrong combination:


Once the customer successfully updates their environment note to him that Ubuntu will no longer be supported.

Please also update all customer that by end of April Ubuntu 16.04 will no longer be supported.https://computing.cs.cmu.edu/news/2020/eol-ubuntu-1604

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