Instana Videos for Beginners

We have recorded some "Instana for Beginners" videos and decided to post them in this KB article. We hope you find these videos useful. 

1. The Instana UI is being updated, here is a quick video describing the recent UI update. 



2. Instana Quick Overview. אינסטנה סקירת מוצר  .  Instana概要


3. Instana UI Tips and Tricks


4. Sending data to Instana with Statsd


5. Instana as a Datasource to Grafana 

6. Instana integration with Splunk


7. Instana Robot-Shop example  

8. How do I create an Application Perspective with Instana?


9. Sending Custom Windows Performance Counters to Instana


10. Get Notifications from Instana 


11. Monitoring Apache HTTPd Server


12. Monitoring JBoss AS - Wildfly


13. Instana Analyze Dashboard

I have also created a very simple text file with analysis queries that you can use (analysis.txt attached to this document). Using this file is easy, all you have to do is copy the text for the query to your environment URL. For example if you want to see calls grouped by HTTP status for the last 24 hours, all you have to do is add this text to the end of your tenant URL.   /#/analyze;callList.dataSource=calls;callList.groupBy=(name~call.http.status)~;groups.metrics=!(metric~latency~aggregation~MEAN)(metric~errors~aggregation~MEAN)~;groups.orderBy=latency_MEAN_Agg;groups.orderDirection=DESC;callList.tagFilter?

If your environment URL is  https://<tenant and env>

The full URL will be https://<tenant and env>;callList.dataSource=calls;callList.groupBy=(name~call.http.status)~;groups.metrics=!(metric~latency~aggregation~MEAN)(metric~errors~aggregation~MEAN)~;groups.orderBy=latency_MEAN_Agg;groups.orderDirection=DESC;callList.tagFilter?


14. Monitoring a .NET Application with Instana


15. Instana Integration with PagerDuty (New)




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