Increase API rate limit on package based Instana on-prem backend

The use case for making these adjustments is when you see this error while using Grafana or our Instana API:

"API rate limit for zone default exceeded."


The solution below will work concluding with Instana 164 on-prem version. Also, there is currently no way to persist this change over product updates and subsequent runs of instana-configure. Every time one of these happens, you need to manually adjust the limit again. You should also be aware that the API limit is there to keep the backend from crashing due to heavy API calls. It can be raised but keep in mind that this will cause performance issues to the backend if it does not have enough resources.



1 - Open this file:


2 - Adjust this part

  - key: default
    rateLimitForOneHour: 5000

with the limit you want to apply. I'd recommend iterating in steps to see how your install deals with the load, so maybe double it to 10000 first. 

3 - Restart ui-backend via

systemctl restart instana-ui-backend

to make the changes take effect.

4 - To confirm the change, you can run some basic curl command and check the X-RateLimit-Limit variable if it's updated with the new value:
curl --request GET -v -k --url 'https://<host_name>/api/infrastructure-monitoring/catalog/plugins' --header 'authorization: apiToken <api_key>'

As written above, once you run instana-configure, this will get overwritten again, and also once you run instana-update.

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