Update from 189 to 191 Error response from daemon: No such image

The customer did the update from 189 to 191, but after the command instana update they got this:
Handle certificates ✓
Setup host environment ✓
Clean docker containers ✓
Create configurations ✓
Run data stores ✓
Migrate data stores ✓
Run components ✗

If we notice an error similar to this in the log:

containers.instana.io/instana/release/product/ui-client:2.191.575-0 Error response from daemon: No such image: containers.instana.io/instana/release/product/ui-client:2.191.575-0


We should ask the customer to run the following commands because this error is an indicator that the storage space is full due to too many old docker images:

instana images prune - will erase old unused docker images and free up the storage space

after that try with the command 

instana update

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