Agent Error - Directory /tmp filling up fast - SOLVED with agent 1.1.584


There is an ongoing error that started with our last Agent update between Christmas and New Year.

The issue was with Java instrumentation.
Please apply the following setting:

  • set IN_MEMORY_CLASSLOADER=true for the agent process (could be set as an environment variable or Java system property)
  • restart the agent
  • restart affected Java processes

Please inform us after this update if the error is still occurring.


Pinning to an early version prior to 1.1.582 will help, but only with a restart of the target JVM. We are working on a fix to mitigate the restart. ETA is tomorrow afternoon.



We released agent 1.1.584. It's publicly available as per dynamic update.

In case static agents or docker images needed we would need to publish them separately.


Thank you for your patience!

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