JVM attach failure due to agent not running as root

If you are missing details in the dashboard, for example, Elasticsearch metrics not in Instana, there is likely an issue with agent permissions.

Specifically if you see this line in the agent:

2018-10-15T07:59:21.357+0000 | INFO | java.38508attach | JavaagentLoaderImpl | 29 - com.instana.agent - 1.1.458 | Performing initial attach to JVM with PID 38508 2018-10-15T07:59:21.358+0000 | INFO | java.38508attach | AttachHelperImpl | 29 - com.instana.agent - 1.1.458 | Agent user {Uid=0, Gid=0} and target JVM user {Uid=993, Gid=990} not identical.

This is caused due to the agent not running as root. If not running as root, then the JVM attach will only work for those JVMs running under the same name context as the agent is running. The solution is to run the agent as root (more information).


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