Failed to create election: endpoints "instana" is forbidden: User


The elector container in the pod is not starting, and you notice these below errors under the

~instana-agent-leader-elector.log file:

F1001 19:53:40.333960 14451 main.go:108] failed to create election: endpoints "instana" is forbidden: User "system:serviceaccount:instana-agent:instana-agent" cannot get endpoints in the namespace "default"

and also under

~instana-agent.log file has this error:

2018-10-01T19:56:51.110+00:00 | ERROR | instana-scheduler-thread-1      | erElectorService | com.instana.sensor-kubernetes - 1.1.32 | Error in communication with leader elector sidecar. Please check if leader-elector sidecar is running Failed to connect to localhost/



This could be most likely due to the missing RBAC section (See the additional step for RBAC enabled cluster ) or the below leader election sidecar section(shortened) is missing or not well formatted (All indention levels only allow two blank spaces):

- "endpoints"

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