How can I get access to the AWS AMI for Instana?


I want to monitor our AWS infrastructure. How and where can I find the AWS AMI for Instana?


To provide visibility and insight into Amazon Web Services based cloud environments, Instana automatically discovers and monitors your AWS services. There are couple options to configure this at your end ( ) and the easiest option out of these is to request access to the AWS AMI where agent is already installed for you.

In order to get access to the AMI, please contact Support and provide the:

1. AWS account ID(s) and

2. AWS region(s) that you want to monitor.

Please note you will need one AMI for every region you want to monitor. Based on the region(s) that you specify for the account ID(s), the AMI access will be granted for those region(s).

Once we have this information we will be able to provide you access. When the request is complete, we will notify you and the AMI should appear in the My AMIs section (you should enable the "Shared with Me" option).

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