Errors on UI after Docker on prem install / migration

Symptoms - 

Users will log a ticket or advise that they are unable to use the Instana UI and see an error like the below..



When running docker ps you will not see instana's NGINX up and running but when running service nginx status you will see NGINX is running. 


Why does this happen and what is the root cause?


What is happening is that the servers systemD NGINX has been set up and updated. This systemD NGINX process blocks instana's own NGINX container from working properly which leads to the customer seeing the UI error. 


How do we fix?


You need to advise the customer to disable OS systemD NGINX , the commands vary for different OS's but an easy way to tell is if you run a temp command like 

 sudo systemctl stop nginx.service
 sudo systemctl disable nginx.service

once run if you restart instana the UI error should no longer be present. 

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