Troubleshooting .NET 4.0 apps stack tracing


I followed the steps for configuring tracing found here but not able to get this working.


It may be necessary to open a support ticket. There are couple things that could go wrong when trying to enable the tracing. Its great to check a few tests as a starting point and include the information in the support ticket if still not able to get this working:


1. Are the apps using .NET 4.0 or a more recent version? Which version?

2. Maybe your application uses frameworks which we don't support. What kind of application is this? ASP.NET WebForms, WebAPI, MVC...? Which version?

3. Did you issue an `iisreset` once, after the components have been registered by the agent for the first time or did you just recycle worker-processes?

4. Make sure that the native profiler has really been set. You can find this out by looking into the Event-Viewer of the server and seek for Events coming from .NET Runtime. There should be information-messages stating that a profiler has been successfully attached. If you see error-messages from that source, please check the message - it might be that the profiler could not be loaded (for a reason will will have to clarify).

5. You can enable instrumentation-time logging, which might lead us to the problem. Open regedit, go to HKLM\Software\Instana and add a string-value containing a valid path + a prefix for logfiles like "c:\mylogfiles\log_". The folder "c:\mylogfiles" should exist. You will then get one file called log_<PID>.log per instrumented process. No logfiles means no instrumentation.


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