What is the reason for PayloadTooLargeError?

If you are seeing the following error in one of your pods, this doc explains why this is occurring:

Example log: {"log":{"name":"@instana/collector","__in":1,"hostname":"xxxxxxxx","pid":6,"module":"tracing/spanBuffer","level":40,"msg":"Failed to transmit spans { error: \ PayloadTooLargeError {\ name: 'PayloadTooLargeError',\ message: 'Request payload is too large. Will not send data to agent. (POST /com.instana.plugin.nodejs/traces.31731)' } }","time":"2019-08-26T16:13:41.348Z","v":0},"stream":"stdout","time":"2019-08-26T16:13:41.349061468Z"}


This usually only happens if users create spans on their own with our Node.js tracing SDK or when using OpenTracing. It means that there are some spans with very big metadata sections. The first time this error occurs in a Node.js process, we log additional information on level WARN:

A batch of spans has been rejected because they are too large to be sent to the agent. Here are the top five largest spans of the rejected batch and their largest attribute. This detailed information will only be logged once.

This is followed by the top five largest spans. Would be great if you could inspect the log of the Node.js process in questions and check what spans have been identified as the top 5 offenders.

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