Calls without the trace info and how it affects when searching for a specific trace id

Sometimes you might run into an issue where you are not able to find traces with a concrete filter such as equals 3dcfc040c618e0a8 when you are under "Analyze" -> "Traces" view, but calls are found when you search for same information under "Analyze" -> "Calls" view.  Below it is explained why this happens.

If the root call of a trace hasn't been received, searching for traces using filters on trace tags (tags starting with trace.) won't work because they are matching the tags on the root call of the trace.

However, you can search for traces, including incomplete traces, using filters on call tags (tags starting with call.).  It means searching for traces which contain calls matching the filters.
And you can search for calls which belong to incomplete traces => this is important because you could search for calls with filter [equals] XXX, and then jump to the trace.

Now, the root call message indicates that the root call represents a long running task. Once this root call finally reaches our backend, the UI will be updated, and the trace considered complete. Searching on trace tags will then work.

If you believe the root call doesn't represent a long running task, it may be due to an instrumentation issue or the corresponding span being dropped in the agent or our backend.

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