RecordTooLargeException Error in the Filler component


The Filler component is reporting the following error:

2018-06-25 13:08:19,328 [filled-metric-kafka-downstream-0] ERROR c.i.b.c.k.AbstractKafkaPublisherService - Send operation to topic onprem_wwinformatik_wwinformatik_combined_metrics with key logging-escom.instana.forge.infrastructure.database.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchClusterlogging-es failed with exception class java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: org.apache.kafka.common.errors.RecordTooLargeException: The message is 1287883 bytes when serialized which is larger than the maximum request size you have configured with the max.request.size configuration.


This may come up if heap settings have been customized. In order to resolve this issue, please manually edit the config section kafka.producer as below to increase the max.request.size in the filler config:/opt/instana/filler/etc/config.yaml

kafka:  producer:    max.request.size: 3145728 (example size)

Then please restart the filler for the setting to take effect:

systemctl restart instana-filler


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