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We are committed to our customers' success and want to help you be as efficient as possible.

To ensure this we rely on a ticket system that is available via

The recommended way is to register in the support portal and file tickets through it. Then you can see all the tickets you have filed or are CC'ed on.

In addition, you can also file tickets directly via email to 

As you are already in our documentation: we have the most common configurations and other settings already documented, and we highly recommend that you search the documentation up front.

Information by Issue Type

Agent/data collection issues

In case you experience issues with the Agent/data collection please always add as much information as possible to the ticket.

At the least, we need the agent log files to investigate the issue. You can do so by attaching the log directory to the ticket. You can find it at:


Please compress the directory and send it to us.

If the problem is visible in your SaaS environment, please include the link with your request otherwise, screenshots are highly appreciated.

If we need further information we will approach you.

On-prem backend issues

If you are an on-prem customer and you experience issues with the UI, data consistency, or data quality, please execute on the Instana on-prem machine (if this command is not available, it is because the on-prem backend is not up to date. Please file the ticket with a description of the issue and we will guide you to gather more information).


This will pipe information to stdout, and can be sent in a file. Furthermore, a temporary directory will be created in /tmp (when the tool has sufficient write permissions) with JSON blobs of running Eelasticsearch entities and component configuration settings.

Also, screenshots that you think are helpful are highly appreciated, all of which can be put in a tarball (or zip-file).

Please attach all this information to the ticket.

SaaS backend issues

If you are a SaaS customer and you are experiencing issues with the UI, data consistency, or data quality, please first check:

We show the current status of our SaaS environment, and we highly recommend that you subscribe for updates so that you can be informed in case of any service degradation. 

In case there is no open incident that matches your issue, please file a ticket and write about the issue, attaching any screenshots that you think are helpful.

We highly appreciate your cooperation and help! Thank you.

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